Jacqui Hardman - Managing Director

With over 15 years local legal and senior management experience, Jacqui has vast experience in understanding behaviours, recruitment and business management practices found in today's busy firm. Jacqui's understanding of the key drivers behind business processes, enables her to provide clients with effective and innovative solutions that can address their human resource challenges.

Jacqui holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Queensland. and, prior starting Hardman Recruitment, has held a number of senior executive and management positions in Brisbane. These positions included being the Chief Executive Officer of a commercial law firm, and Director of the Legal and Human Resources division of a well regarded recruitment agency.

With over 15 years legal and senior management experience, as a seasoned professional, Jacqui has vast experience in understanding recruitment and business management practices. Jacqui understands the business of law, and how critical it is to nurture client relationships and employ the “right people”.

Jacqui is also a past board member of Open Minds, a Queensland based not for profit and charitable organisation providing community based support services to persons with mental illness, intellectual disability or acquired brain injury.



Geoff Hardman - Director

With over 20 years local, interstate and overseas IT Management experience, Geoff has vast experience understanding the technology challenges that confront a business today. Geoff well recognizes the need to employ the right people in the right job, with the personality that fits with the current team.

Starting as a Systems Engineer with the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK, Geoff has worked as an engineer, manager, marketer and consultant with many of the global technology firms that support Australian business. Geoff has an extensive network of contacts within the industry that often know that vital “somebody”.

Geoff is also a past board member of the Wommin Bay Hostel in Kingscliff. Wommin Bay provides aged and high care to Tweed Shire residents, whilst providing them with an ability to live independently and well within their local communities.